Create School Design & Illustration work

logo design, logo designer, logo design dublin, logo design kildare, graphic design dublin, illustrationOver the past year or so we worked on the total re-branding of Dublin-based CreateSchool. This included logo design, brochure and flyer design, poster template design and website banners and buttons. The branding was aimed to a younger audience from young primary school goers to older teenagers. So we created a style that would appeal to this age bracket. These are some examples of the work we designed and illustrated….

illustration, branding, business, graphic design, internet radio, createschoolWeb Banner Illustration for Internet Radio Workshop

Stop motion, workshop, illustration, children's illustration, teen workshops, illustration dublin, dublin designers, graphic design dublinWeb Banner Illustration for Stop Motion Workshop

banner illustration, web design, web banner, graphic design ireland, illustration, illustrator kildare, website graphicsWeb Banner Illustration for Digital Heritage Workshop

website banner, website illustration, website design, good design, design dublin, creative ireland, illustration ireland, illustrators kildareWeb Banner Illustration for Movie Making Workshop

illustration, street, dublin, dublin illustrators, graphic design kildare, graphic design irelandFooter Illustration with buildings representing each section of the school


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