3D Paper Monster


A few weeks ago, we facilitated a children’s workshop at Rua Red in Tallaght. For one of the workshops we created a 3D paper monster from a blank template, usinh Photoshop to colour it in before printing.Above, you can check out a tutorial we put together on how to create your very own 3D paper monster at home. This tutorial shows you how to use Photoshop on your computer to colour and illustrate your monster. However if you don’t have access to Photoshop or other digital software, you can simply print out the template and colour it in with markers, paints, pencils etc.

If you plan on creating one of these, we would suggest printing out a spare one or two templates and firstly getting your child to sketch/design the monster first. This will familiarise them with the layout of the template, where the front and back is etc. It’s a great way of keeping your kids busy for an hour or so! So, in the words of Neil Buchanon, “Go on, try it yourself!”

children's workshop, template, monster, workshop

3D Monster Template

Click image above to download (on the attachment page, right click on the image and press Save As…)


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