chip sandwich, food porn, foodie, food inspiration, chips

Courtesy of Wiki-how


Chip Sandwich Courtesy of MattBites

chip sandwich, recipes, foodie, food inspiration, food and drink

Image from The Hungry Gerald

chip butty, chips, chip sandwich

Image from The Brilliant English Blog

So you’ve probably come here expecting to find some design or illustration inspiration or something like that….alas, today is not your lucky day. Well, maybe in fact, it could very well be. Today I’ve decided to glorify the delicious and not-so-nutritious Chip Sandwich. I don’t even want one right now, but I saw a picture of one and I went a bit mad and decided to share some lovely images with you.

You may either think these images are disgusting, with sloppy ketchup and mushy chips (or French Fries if you will). Or maybe you’re like me and the sight of these chip buttys are making your stomach hungry and you’ve found that there’s some drool running down your chin.

Never had one? Then you’ve never lived. Two slices of bread. Freshly made chips. Salt. Ketchup. Nothing fancy – just pure glut.

Bye now!


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