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This week, we have one of our very own recipes! It’s a deliciously simple chorizo and mushroom spaghetti dish. It takes only 10-12 minutes to make (the amount of time it takes to boil the pasta). It’s a great meal for when you don’t have a lot of time to spare, or else you simply couldn’t be bothered doing something that involves a lot of work! Let’s face it, sometimes it happens more regularly than you like, but it’s great to have some recipes at hand to whip up in a flash!

It’s good for dieting too: there’s no oil used as the chorizo squeezes out lots of nice spicy oil as it fries. You can use low fat creme fraiche and cream cheese and substitute standard spaghetti for wholewheat pasta, or gluten/wheat free pasta. We’ve tried the latter, and it’s actually yummy and much lighter!

If you try it, do let us know what you think! Remember, we’re illustrators, not chefs, so don’t expect miracles!

If you are a home-cook, a budding masterchef, or any type of foodie and you would like to submit a recipe to us, please do get in touch. We are hoping to make this a weekly segment on our blog with recipes from lots of different people. We will illustrate and showcase your recipe as well as on social media online. We will link back to any websites or blogs you may have as well! You can email us at

Have a great week,




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