We thought you might want to take a sneak peek into our studio slash office space. And we are more than proud to show it off especially as we did a huge clear out and tidy up on Monday! The place has never looked so good. It’s amazing how stuff can just pile up and you forget where things even came from! I think we managed to filter out a lot of rubbish and junk that we didn’t need hanging around in the office. So our desks are lovely and empty, our drawers are back in use and it feels great…now, to keep it that way!

So here’s a little photo tour of our graphic design and illustration studio space…

We have a few prints hanging up, we love this one by Chris Judge that we ordered from Damn Fine Print a good while back.

chris judge illustration

Our lovely Limited Edition Chris Judge Print

Here’s another “print”, which came from a greeting card we bought in Tesco – it had a fantastic sketch of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inside, so it was worth chopping the card up and framing it. What do you think?

illustrated charlie and the chocolate factory print

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Print

Here’s the mighty Morph keeping some of our books up. Great man our Morph.

morph bookends

Bookshelf with morph

These are some diy shelves that are made from old wooden wine boxes screwed together and hung up on the wall. Got this idea from the land of Pinterest, and it’s a great way to use up the crates as well as creating some extra storage space that wasn’t there before.

homemade wooden crate shelves

Homemade wooden crate shelving

Speaks for itself really, some sketch pads and pencils. Pads ranging from the ever expensive moleskin (with a little Lego on the front) to some nifty little recycled ones bought in a local shop for only 60c each.


sketch pads and pencils

Some doodle pads

Can’t whack a bit of office table tennis.

office games, table tennis

Table tennis, for when things get a bit boring in the office

A recent table tent we illustrated and designed for Urban Kitchen in Naas.

Print and design work

Some recent printed work for Urban Kitche

Some of our office mascots, this is Raphael. He’s a ninja turtle. Flea market, 50c, yes please.

teenage mutant ninja turtle figurine

Vintage ninja turtle figurine

Minion Dave Toy

Our friendly minion Dave

We bought a whole pack of vintage toy packaging from a shop in Dublin, so we took them all out and framed them. We think it’s pretty nifty!

vintage and retro stationery

Vintage and retro miscellaneous stationery

So that’s it now, that’s our office. We hope you enjoyed the tour!




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