LovelyDubley Whiting Recipe with Lime & Chilli Butter and Asparagus

Today we have a really simple and tasty recipe from Graham Hussey over at LovelyDubley. He was inspired to create this recipe after visiting the Taste of Meath a few weeks ago. The recipe is based on a lovely Irish product from Slane, Blast and Wilde Flavoured butters. This particular recipe calls for their Lime, Chilli and Coriander butter. (Heres a link to their Facebook page for more info!) If you can’t get your hands on this however, Graham suggests mixing your own flavoured butted by using lime zest, chilli and coriander and mixing it with some butter either in a food processor or a mortar and pestle. Sounds so yummy right??

Have a go yourself, and if you do try it out, get in touch and let us know how it turns out!

Make sure to head over to LovelyDubleys blog here



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