Chicken curry recipe illustration


Hello there!

We are just back from our 2 week annual leave. We thought we would be able to fit our Monday Munchies blog on time this week, but we just got so snowed under yesterday that we had to postpone it to today!

So here it is – a vary tasty recipe from Irish food blog Chopsticks & Cheesecake. Here’s a little bit about Paula behind the gorgeous blog:

“I love to cook, and although I’m an amateur I figured here would be the perfect place to share my favourite recipes, and experiment with new ones.

I also adore eating out (who doesn’t?), and will willingly share my experiences of the restaurants of Dublin and beyond, giving tips on what’s good and what ain’t.

Now a little about me – I’m an absolute T.V, film and music junkie, and a Mexican, BBQ and Asian cuisine enthusiast. And as you will you will probably guess from future posts, I think chicken is the bees knees.

All recipes posted are either original or adapted to what works for me. By no means a professional chef but feel free to try my recipes, share and comment freely! 🙂 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates as they happen!”

Do try this recipe out – it’s a great way of using up store cupboard ingredients and also to feed any cravings for take aways at the weekend.

If you’re reading this blog, and you’re a foodie or homecook and you would like to have one of your recipes illustrated by us, do get in touch at We are always looking for collaborators for our blog, and we will link to any sites or social media sites you may have as well.

Go and visit Chopsticks and Cheesecake blog here

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And if you do try this recipe out, leave a comment below and let us know how you got on 🙂



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