crab linguine illustrated recipe


We hope you’re having a great bank holiday weekend. It’s nice to see the sun out today after such a miserable couple of days. I will admit, my flowers in the garden are pretty happy about it though…

So this week’s Monday Munchies is courtesy of Susan Kennedy over at the amazing Greedy Little Piggy Food Blog. We are delighted to have her involved with our Monday Munchies and she has given us a great recipe to illustrate. It’s a yummy quick fix Crab Linguine with herbs and chilli (who doesn’t love a bit of chilli?) For those of you who don’t know how to cook your own crabmeat from scratch, , Susan has some tips on how to cook crab meat here 

This is a fantastic recipe that you can try out to impress some friends for dinner, or half the amounts and cook it for a nice romantic weekend meal. If you do try it out, comment below and let us know how you got on!!

Make sure to pop on over to the Greedy Little Piggy blog here

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If you’re a foodie, chef, homecook or baker, and would like to get involved and have one of your recipes illustrated and showcase, pop us an email at!


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