Asparagus Benedict Illustrated Recipe


Happy Monday everyone..(is that a thing?)

Well we hope you enjoyed you’re weekend & are set for another enjoyable week. We got our week off to a particularly delicious and healthy start by dining on this weeks Monday Munchies recipe from Little Green Spoon.

This Asparagus Benedict really is a touch of indulgence without the usual guilt that accompanies a hollandaise sauce. Indy from Little Green Spoon manages to pack all the flavour into this deliciously healthy alternative.


Her recipes focus on being gluten free, dairy free, vegan, raw and paleo, but most importantly hugely flavoursome. We really enjoyed not only creating this illustration, but browsing through Little Green Spoons recipes & sampling the treasures that we found.


Check out the rest of her amazing recipes & get inspired here (We would highly recommend the “Fried” Pickles… Yum!!)

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Little Green Spoon on Twitter


If you’re reading this blog, and you’re a foodie or homecook and you would like to have one of your recipes illustrated by us, do get in touch at We are always looking for collaborators for our blog, and we will link to any sites or social media sites you may have as well.



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