We come across infographics everyday online feeding us with so much information. Here we’ve compiled just a few on using social networks for your business. We’ve learned a lot from these types of graphics, and in the last couple of months have gained over 500 followers on Twitter from putting in a little bit of graft and reaching out to our followers and getting to know them better.

We find the most important thing to do on Twitter, is to engage. Engage with potential customers, favourite their tweets so they know you exist. Reply to other tweets if you have something to say, and you might find yourself in conversation with someone who might like to work with you.

With Facebook – this is yet to be something we really crack. Because of it’s constraints on what you can do without using real money, it’s a long road (we find) in gaining likers and followers. But we keep it going. The posts that we do find that get the most attention are those that don’t contain content directly about our business, but something that is related to it. For instance, we posted up a photo of a cute dog sitting by a computer, and this got more likes than a link to our own website. People like animals…oh, and food.

Do you have any tips or insider info on how to gain more followers, likers, sharers on social network? Tweet us at @doodlemooseirl. And if you liked this post, let us know!

Guide to using twitter for business

Source: krishna.me

how to get more likes on Facebook

Source: kissmetrics.com


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