easy vegetarian burger recipe from Lady Eve Cookery

Today’s Monday Munchies is a great recipe from Nikki Walsh aka Lady Eve Cookery. We went to the Big Grill Festival in Herbert Park last weekend and spotted her cooking up a storm at the BBQ demonstrations. So we got in touch with her and we were delighted when she agreed to send us on one of her recipes to illustrate!

This was one of her first demos on the Saturday – a delicious vegetarian grilled burger with Portobello mushrooms and peaches. An odd combo – but hey, some of the best things in life are! This is a great recipe to make for any vegetarian friends at a BBQ, or even for a light lunch on the grill.

Here’s a little bit about Lady Eve:

Ballymaloe trained Nikki Walsh aka Lady Eve, vision, was to run a cookery school from a place where she enjoyed cooking the most – at home.  A place where the whole day would revolve around preparing for the demo.  The location is in Donnybrook, Dublin 4 which is perfect for access.  The demos are designed to cover every aspect of cooking.  Almost without realizing it, the students cover a wide range of skilled simple cooking.  Lady Eve and her small great team run a series of demos throughout the year catering for all needs.

Visit Lady Eve Cookery’s Website here

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