irishbloghour network with other irish blogs on twitter

Over the last couple of months, we have really benefitted from Twitter networking (Facebook – you’ve let us down) especially with tweet-ups such as Irishbizparty, Tweetursis and CorkHour. We have managed to almost triple our Twitter followers in just a matter of weeks from approx 350 to over 1,000 followers! And it is still growing daily.

We put this down to getting involved with the various networking hours on Twitter, as well as interacting with potential customers and other like-minded small businesses. It’s all about being genuine online – rather than being a bit ‘spammy’ with retweets and favourites just for the sake of it.

We have also committed a lot of our time building up our beloved blog. We have fallen in love with it and want to expand our blog and our network of followers too. We are still learning as we go, and our aim is to gain more traffic and build a really lovely blog that readers will want to come back to on a regular basis.

So, we made a decision to set up a dedicated Irish blog networking hour on Twitter. We felt it would be a great way to really get involved with other bloggers and to also learn from and get to know more experienced blogging folk. The idea is for Irish bloggers to meet up on Twitter from 8-9pm on a Thursday evening and share ideas and advice. We aim to create an interactive hour, with discussion topics and guest experts that can shed a light on some issues that Irish bloggers may have, such as SEO and how to gain more followers on your blog etc.

So, if you are an Irish blogger yourself and would like to get involved, just follow @irishbloghour on Twitter and use the hashtag #irishbloghour (anytime). Our first test-run will be this Thursday 4th Sept at 8pm – so we’ll hopefully have a little bit of interest to start with. And if you are interested, please do spread the love and either share this post on Facebook or Twitter, or RT with #irishbloghour!




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