It was such a lovely morning yesterday – I got a shock when I woke up to see the sun out. I decided to make the most of it and sit out the back garden to have my breakfast and tea in the sunshine.

Oh it was so nice and relaxing, the birds singing in the trees, the gentle breeze on the warm air. I munched on my toast and sipped on my tea and looked all around me, taking in the beautiful warm morning.

I said to myself, oh, maybe I’ll bring my sketch pad out and do some doodling here as well while I’m at it. Until then, I put my weary feet up and lay back in the chair and soaked it all…AHHHGHGH F$£%ing WASP!!!

A little buzzing beast of evil stormed at me, flaunting it’s demon stinger at my face. Then it had the cheek to try and steal my breakfast. Not that he would even eat it – he just knew that if he was to even just sit on my slice of toast for a second, that I wouldn’t go near it again. And he would get such a thrill out of that.

So – retiring back inside, after my attack (the clouds were closing in as well, so my lovely relaxing morning was no more regardless), I decided to put pencil to paper and let out my frustration in the form of the doodle below. I wanted to spread the word about the evilness of wasps – but without putting the humble bumble within that bracket – because this can happen. Bee’s are nice. They make honey. Wasps are sh**s.


funny illustration about wasps and bees


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