PeopleWatching_SafariMan copySometimes there’s nothing better than sitting back and watching the world go by. Do you ever find yourself coming out of the supermarket and just taking a minute to do a spot of people watching? Or maybe you’ll sit and have a cup of coffee in a shopping centre and find yourself doing the same thing. People can be very interesting sometimes, and often you come across some great characters!

So, I was doing this over the weekend in a local supermarket carpark. And I decided I would record one of the characters I spotted whilst on “people safari” (that’s the official term now). I would go so far as to say that this illustration genuinely isn’t too far off the real thing – a lovely tall man with a fantastic set of pins, strolling out with his shopping in a khaki get-up. He looked like he should really be getting into a 1980’s Land Rover Defender and setting off to go feed some lions, but alas, he was stuck in the humdrum of urbane life, laden down with his weekly shopping. I didn’t know one could get combat shorts quite so short but this fella rocked them, especially with his socks and sandals combo.



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