{for anyone who doesn’t wish to read the following essay, please scroll to bottom}

Now that those words of wisdom are done and over with, we’d like to extend a warm and ink-splattered hand and welcome you to our blog! Here you’ll find all sorts of bits and bobs that we do, think and like.

“We” are DoodleMoose Designs – a creative duo who work somewhere in Kildare from a humble little home office. It’s in here that we do design and make illustration (that’s the correct terminology that we “in the biz” use by the way)

On the left, we have Dave: he comes from the music world and also professionally designed maps for a living. He can draw a mean county border – but sadly, the maps took a back seat, and he then turned his pencil to illustration and graphic design.

On the right, we have Gill (not, Jill): She spent her college years learning design and photography skills while at DIT. After college, she pursued a graphic design career, including album artwork for Paddy Moloney from the Chieftains (hup ya boya) and other bits and pieces for a range of clients. It was after a few years of freelancing that she decided she wanted to do it properly and it so happened that someone else in Kildare wanted to too – so that’s how DoodleMoose Designs was born!

So, on this blog, we have a couple of regular weekly segments (which you can navigate to from the top menu). We have Monday Munchies, where each week, we illustrate and showcase a recipe sent in to us by a food blogger, chef, homecook or baker. This has been great so far, and we have had so many delicious and simple recipes that anyone can make!

We also have our #TGIF, which stands for “Thank Gif It’s Friday”. This is where we illustrate a short animation and post it every Friday – obviously, hence the ‘Friday bit’ 🙂 We try and post some other bits and bobs on the blog during the week as well, but goodness knows what content this will be – you will just have to follow it and find out!!

We alway like a good chinwag online, so if you do like our blog, or if you are someone looking for some graphic design or illustration work, please do get in touch. If even to say howiya!

Oh, and cheers for visiting! Come back soon y’all.

{To summarise, for anyone who didn’t wish to read the essay that just happened – we’re Dave & Gill from DoodleMoose Designs, we do good design and make great illustration. Sin é in a nutshell}


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