Salted Caramel Sauce recipe

We had to skip last week’s Monday Munchies because we literally couldn’t find the time to do it! So we’re back again this week with a great and simple recipe from Gourmet Grazing food blog.

“This is an amazingly luscious caramel sauce recipe that works great with pretty much everything. Stored in a bottle it will keep for two weeks, and can be reheated in the microwave before use. It’s easy to make with only 4 ingredients, and there’s no thermometers needed like in a lot of caramel recipes. Swirl it into ice cream, add a spoonful to your hot chocolate, use it as a dip for cookies or fruit, drizzle it on some cupcakes, or whatever takes your fancy. There are endless possibilities with what you can do with this sauce!”

Gourmet Grazing is a great Irish food blog offering recipes, reviews and gossip from Dublin’s food scene! Make sure to head over to their site by clicking here and keep up to date with all the latest food news.

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chocolate tart by like mam used to bake


I have to admit, I wasn’t able to illustrate this recipe without drooling a couple of times! As you can see, this week, we have an amazingly scrummy looking chocolate tart from Rosanne at Like Mam Used to Bake.

We had seen Rosannes blog and really enjoyed reading her recipes so we really wanted to have her involved in our Monday Munchies so we could showcase one of her delicious creations! She gave us a pick of any of her recipes, so we just had to have this one. I mean, who can’t pass up chocolate tart eh?

Here’s a little bit about Rosanne and her blog:

I have a love for all things crafty and dip in and out of different things every few months.  I also have a short attention span it would appear, but the one constant that has remained with me for the past few years is baking.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake.  I remember watching my mam bake as a little girl and then tasting her delicious creations afterwards, and so the love affair was born.

I’m not a writer, I’m not a pastry chef and I’m not a photographer, I’m just a girl with some memories that I cherish, who appreciates a nice slice of cake. This blog is my space to share with you those memories, to create some new ones and also to share recipes for some scrummy treats.

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If you try out any of these recipes, please do let us know. Maybe you could tweet us a pic of your finished dish @doodlemooseirl for us to see! If you are a foodie or chef yourself and would like one of you recipes showcased on our blog, get in touch with us at

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Bridget Harney Mango and Lime Curd Recipe


If any of you watched The Great Irish Bake Off last year, you will be familiar with one of it’s contestants, Bridget Harney. We are delighted to have a lovely recipe from Bridget this week for a Mango and Lime curd. It’s a very versatile recipe and you can use it in countless ways and it’s also a great way to use up some fruit you may have lying around in your pantry that are looking sad.

Bridget Harney runs a blog over at The Search for Delicious where she posts up her own delicious recipes and reviews. She has also recently become the supplier of a whole host of delicious baked goods for one of our new local cafes The Duck and Cup Cafe in The Moat Theatre, Naas.

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paleo vegetarian falafel

If you’re on the Paleo, vegatarian, dairy free or gluten free diet, this recipe is perfect for you! And for anyone else for that matter – good ingredients = good food no matter what diet you’re on in my book! These are a lighter alternative to chickpea falafels.

This recipe is courtesy of the great Aoife Carroll over at Eat Well, Travel Far, Love Often. She has a fantastic blog sharing all sorts of wonderful things. You’ll have to make sure to have a peep!

Here’s a little bit about her:

“I am a 21 year old life lover, food adorer & world traveler. I love capturing the beauty in the ordinary. I started off expressing my love for photography through Instagram, following that with my baking website Sweet Inspiration, where I have shown off some of the cakes and baking treats that I have made and sold.

When I’m not cooking, baking or eating I am at college. I am student in UCD, studying psychology, italian and art history. I am lucky enough to have attended Le Cordon Bleu Firenze for 3 months in 2012, where I studied Italian cooking. There, I took part in everything from pizza, pasta & bread making to deboning fish chickens and poultry. I came back with knowledge of food I never thought I would have obtained.”

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Cajun Prawns and sweetcorn recipe

Another week, another recipe to show off! Today, we’re keeping with last weeks theme of The Big Grill Festival, as we have a great barbecue recipe from Mark O’Brien, a.k.a. Oak Smoke & Barbecue Sauce. Mark was also cooking up a storm at the Big Grill Festival in Dublin a couple of weeks ago! We had the pleasure of seeing a couple of his demonstrations alongside John Relihan, who is senior sous chef at Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa Restaurant in London. Mark had approached us a few weeks ago interested in getting involved in Monday Munchies, so it turned out to be a coincidence that we spotted him at the festival shortly afterwards.

This is a great recipe for all barbecue fans out there. And remember, just because it’s September, doesn’t mean that the BBQ has to be shoved into the dark depths of the garden, not to be seen until next May. If you think it might be too cold for a BBQ, all you need are some warm blankets so you can still sit out the back garden and relish a smokey and sweet dinner such as this one!

Here’s a little info on Oak Smoke and Barbecue Sauce:

Oak, Smoke and Barbeque Sauce is a web series focused on showing you how to take advantage of the short and oh so marvellous Summer we get in Ireland. Mark O’ Brien is a food writer, photographer and all round culinary enthusiast living and working in Dublin.

You really have to check out Mark’s website, full of delicious BBQ and street food recipes. It’s the real deal: think Mexican pork tacos and epic steak sandwiches. 

Visit Oak, Smoke & BBQ Sauce website here!


A big congratulations to all the blogs shortlisted for Blog Awards Ireland! We were involved with the judging process for a number of the Arts & Culture section. We really enjoyed rooting through all the wonderful blogs and discovering some gems!

We want to say a special congratulations to all the food bloggers that have been shortlisted that have been/due to be part of our Monday Munchies! Without these guys and their delicious recipes, our blog wouldn’t be doing as well as it is today.

Here’s a list of the blogs we’ve had/will have the pleasure of working with! Click the links below to check out these amazing blogs – oh, and I dare you to not drool while reading them!

Eat Well Travel Far Love Often –  We will be featuring a great Paleo Falafel recipe from Aoife on 8th September

Like Mam Used to Bake –  We will be featuring an amazing chocolate tart on 22nd September! *yum*

Oak Smoke and BBQ Sauce – Next week we will have Mark’s Cajun Prawns with Sweet Potato and Sweetcorn!

The Little Green Spoon – We have illustrated one of Indy’s tasty recipes a few weeks back. Click the image below to have a gander!

easy and quick asparagus recipe from the little green spoon

Asparagus Benedict Recipe from Little Green Spoon Blog



easy vegetarian burger recipe from Lady Eve Cookery

Today’s Monday Munchies is a great recipe from Nikki Walsh aka Lady Eve Cookery. We went to the Big Grill Festival in Herbert Park last weekend and spotted her cooking up a storm at the BBQ demonstrations. So we got in touch with her and we were delighted when she agreed to send us on one of her recipes to illustrate!

This was one of her first demos on the Saturday – a delicious vegetarian grilled burger with Portobello mushrooms and peaches. An odd combo – but hey, some of the best things in life are! This is a great recipe to make for any vegetarian friends at a BBQ, or even for a light lunch on the grill.

Here’s a little bit about Lady Eve:

Ballymaloe trained Nikki Walsh aka Lady Eve, vision, was to run a cookery school from a place where she enjoyed cooking the most – at home.  A place where the whole day would revolve around preparing for the demo.  The location is in Donnybrook, Dublin 4 which is perfect for access.  The demos are designed to cover every aspect of cooking.  Almost without realizing it, the students cover a wide range of skilled simple cooking.  Lady Eve and her small great team run a series of demos throughout the year catering for all needs.

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