phil mickelson and tom watson


Is there anyone else out there recovering from the Ryder Cup weekend? I know we certainly are… We relish the 3 days of nail-biting golf between Team Europe and Team America. Fresh air and social conversation were cast aside for 72 hours while the TV streamed the Ryder Cup and the atmosphere was lapped up with tea and biscuits in hand (for the most part – until the afternoon came around and the tea was replaced with some beer and wine).

There were ups and downs and ins and outs – as well as feckin’ eejits shushing the European Crowd. I’ll not name names but that Patrick Reed fella’s an awful gobsh*** isn’t he? Did anyone else want to punch their tv screens in when his head came into shot?

As for the aftermath on the American side – that press conference between Tom Watson and Phil Mickelson was something else. I don’t know whether there was a bit of a case of being a sore loser for Phil – as the rest of the team sat there awkwardly, looking at each other with a question mark over their heads, while he berated Team America’s humble captain, Tom Watson. In any case, surely that wasn’t the time or the place to lash into Tom – whether Phil was right or not. But each to their own. It made good subject matter for a quick illustration as you can see above… I’ve titled this piece “G’wan There Tom, Under the Bus You Go”.

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Well to say we’re excited would be understatement of the year!! The Ryder Cup is my single favourite moment of the year (and yes I know it’s only every two years), which makes the anticipation so much greater.

Suffice it to say we will not be moving from this spot from 7am til 8pm Sunday night!!!
Only 3 more sleeps:-)


PeopleWatching_SafariMan copySometimes there’s nothing better than sitting back and watching the world go by. Do you ever find yourself coming out of the supermarket and just taking a minute to do a spot of people watching? Or maybe you’ll sit and have a cup of coffee in a shopping centre and find yourself doing the same thing. PeopleĀ can be very interesting sometimes, and often you come across some great characters!

So, I was doing this over the weekend in a local supermarket carpark. And I decided I would record one of the characters I spotted whilst on “people safari” (that’s the official term now). I would go so far as to say that this illustration genuinely isn’t too far off the real thing – a lovely tall man with a fantastic set of pins, strolling out with his shopping in a khaki get-up. He looked like he should really be getting into a 1980’s Land Rover Defender and setting off to go feed some lions, but alas, he was stuck in the humdrum ofĀ urbaneĀ life, laden down with his weekly shopping. I didn’t know one could get combat shorts quite so short but this fella rocked them, especially with his socks and sandals combo.



It was such a lovely morning yesterday – I got a shock when I woke up to see the sun out.Ā I decided to make the most of it and sit out the back garden toĀ have my breakfast and tea in the sunshine.

Oh it was so nice and relaxing, the birds singing in the trees, the gentle breeze on the warm air. I munched on my toast and sipped on my tea and looked all around me, taking in the beautiful warm morning.

I said to myself, oh, maybe I’ll bring my sketch pad out and do some doodling here as well while I’m at it. Until then,Ā I put my weary feet up and lay back in the chair and soaked it all…AHHHGHGH F$Ā£%ing WASP!!!

A little buzzing beast of evil stormed at me, flaunting it’s demon stinger at my face. Then it had the cheek to try and steal my breakfast. Not that he would even eat it – he just knew that if he was to even just sit on my slice of toast for a second, that I wouldn’t go near it again. And he would get such a thrill out of that.

So – retiring back inside, after my attack (the clouds were closing in as well, so my lovely relaxing morning was no more regardless), I decided to put pencil to paper and let out my frustration in the form of the doodle below. I wanted to spread the wordĀ about the evilness of wasps – but without putting the humble bumble within that bracket – because this can happen. Bee’s are nice. They make honey. Wasps are sh**s.


funny illustration about wasps and bees


We come across infographics everyday online feeding us with so much information. Here we’ve compiled just a few on using social networks for your business. We’ve learned a lot from these types of graphics, and in the last couple of months have gained over 500 followers on Twitter from putting in a little bit of graft and reaching out to our followers and getting to know them better.

We find the most important thing to do on Twitter, is to engage. Engage with potential customers, favourite their tweets so they know you exist. Reply to other tweets if you have something to say, and you might find yourself in conversation with someone who might like to work with you.

With Facebook – this is yet to be something we really crack. Because of it’s constraints on what you can do without using real money, it’s a long road (we find) in gaining likers and followers. But we keep it going. The posts that we do find that get the most attention are those that don’t contain content directly about our business, but something that is related to it. For instance, we posted up a photo of a cute dog sitting by a computer, and this got more likes than a link to our own website. People like animals…oh, and food.

Do you have any tips or insider info on how to gain more followers, likers, sharers on social network? Tweet us at @doodlemooseirl. And if you liked this post, let us know!

Guide to using twitter for business

Source: krishna.me

how to get more likes on Facebook

Source: kissmetrics.com


Were any of you (religiously) watching George Clarke’s Amazing ShedsĀ on Channel 4 over the last few weeks? Or do any of you have a fetish for little wooden rooms like we do? Well, read on readers… I’ve assembled some shed & treehouseĀ inspiration gathered from Pinterest.

There’s nothing better than a wooden hideaway down at the bottom of your garden. I would have two sheds: one for utility (keeping tools, bits and bobs) and another for chilling out in. I’d also love an office shed, and a studio shed, and a treehouse, and a potting shed….okay, you get the jist.

So here’s some images from Pinterest to get your shed juices going. If you want to follow our board on Pinterest, click here!

Gill šŸ™‚

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Shed inspiration pinterest

A hidden getaway at the bottom of your garden

Source: Buzzfeed.com

unique sheds

I would happily live in this little shed cottage

Source: Buzzfeed.com

fairytale sheds

Topsy-turvy shed

Source: Pinterest.com

colourful shed

Amazing colours in this shed

Source: Plantmeplaid.com

flat pack shed

Stylish pre-fabricated shed

Source: silvie.com

Children's playhouse

Playhouse? Make this my office and I’m happy..

Source: thehandmadehome.com

TGIF: Trains & Ukuleles


Well it’s that time of the week again! Time to celebrate the impending freedom of the weekend. This weeks TGIF is partly inspired by our recent holiday to Wales, where we entertained ourselves daily by playing ukulele & taking the odd steam train journey.

Hope you enjoy!

Remember, we would love to see some other illustrated gifs, if youā€™re a digital artist, illustrator or creative and would like to give it a bash, we will showcase yours on our blog along with any links to your site etc! You can send them in to doodlemoosedesigns@gmail.com