phil mickelson and tom watson


Is there anyone else out there recovering from the Ryder Cup weekend? I know we certainly are… We relish the 3 days of nail-biting golf between Team Europe and Team America. Fresh air and social conversation were cast aside for 72 hours while the TV streamed the Ryder Cup and the atmosphere was lapped up with tea and biscuits in hand (for the most part – until the afternoon came around and the tea was replaced with some beer and wine).

There were ups and downs and ins and outs – as well as feckin’ eejits shushing the European Crowd. I’ll not name names but that Patrick Reed fella’s an awful gobsh*** isn’t he? Did anyone else want to punch their tv screens in when his head came into shot?

As for the aftermath on the American side – that press conference between Tom Watson and Phil Mickelson was something else. I don’t know whether there was a bit of a case of being a sore loser for Phil – as the rest of the team sat there awkwardly, looking at each other with a question mark over their heads, while he berated Team America’s humble captain, Tom Watson. In any case, surely that wasn’t the time or the place to lash into Tom – whether Phil was right or not. But each to their own. It made good subject matter for a quick illustration as you can see above… I’ve titled this piece “G’wan There Tom, Under the Bus You Go”.

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So we’ve just finished the second week of #irishbloghour – great to see so many new people join in this week. Tonight, we were chatting about blogging platforms, how long everyone has been blogging and favourite blogs!

There didn’t seem to be a general consensus regarding WordPress, Blogger or other – many people have their personal favourite platform that they enjoy working with! Some points for WordPress included the ability to include Google Analytics within your blog – so you can keep track of traffic. Others find that you can be more creative with it – plugins, themes etc. Blogger seems to provide an easy-to-use platform for many – with a nice and use-friendly layout.

We were thrilled to chat with both experienced and newbie bloggers – some have been writing for years and years, while other have only started within the last few weeks. It was great to see people helping with tips and advice – this is one of the main reasons we set up #irishbloghour – to learn and to network with other Irish bloggers!

Here’s some links to new blogs shared this week. Don’t forget to check out last weeks post too which also contains lots of great blogs to sift through! If you shared your blog on #irishbloghour tonight and you don’t see your link here, let us know and we’ll add it in – it’s so hard to keep track of all the links!

We look forward to chatting with you all next week 🙂






















Well, we’ve just finished our very first #irishbloghour blog chat over on Twitter and we must say, we’re delighted with the turn out! We would have been happy if 2 bloggers had turned up to chat, but it was much busier than we expected!

So, as promised, here is a list of all the blogs that were shared and linked to during the last hour. Have a sift through and enjoy! And maybe during the next week, find a spare minute to share one or two of your favourites on Twitter and Facebook – it would be a great way to spread the blogging love outside of #irishbloghour!

(If I’ve left anyone out, please comment below and I’ll post it in)

Lifestyle & Beauty:









Film, Literature:















irishbloghour network with other irish blogs on twitter

Over the last couple of months, we have really benefitted from Twitter networking (Facebook – you’ve let us down) especially with tweet-ups such as Irishbizparty, Tweetursis and CorkHour. We have managed to almost triple our Twitter followers in just a matter of weeks from approx 350 to over 1,000 followers! And it is still growing daily.

We put this down to getting involved with the various networking hours on Twitter, as well as interacting with potential customers and other like-minded small businesses. It’s all about being genuine online – rather than being a bit ‘spammy’ with retweets and favourites just for the sake of it.

We have also committed a lot of our time building up our beloved blog. We have fallen in love with it and want to expand our blog and our network of followers too. We are still learning as we go, and our aim is to gain more traffic and build a really lovely blog that readers will want to come back to on a regular basis.

So, we made a decision to set up a dedicated Irish blog networking hour on Twitter. We felt it would be a great way to really get involved with other bloggers and to also learn from and get to know more experienced blogging folk. The idea is for Irish bloggers to meet up on Twitter from 8-9pm on a Thursday evening and share ideas and advice. We aim to create an interactive hour, with discussion topics and guest experts that can shed a light on some issues that Irish bloggers may have, such as SEO and how to gain more followers on your blog etc.

So, if you are an Irish blogger yourself and would like to get involved, just follow @irishbloghour on Twitter and use the hashtag #irishbloghour (anytime). Our first test-run will be this Thursday 4th Sept at 8pm – so we’ll hopefully have a little bit of interest to start with. And if you are interested, please do spread the love and either share this post on Facebook or Twitter, or RT with #irishbloghour!




Were any of you (religiously) watching George Clarke’s Amazing Sheds on Channel 4 over the last few weeks? Or do any of you have a fetish for little wooden rooms like we do? Well, read on readers… I’ve assembled some shed & treehouse inspiration gathered from Pinterest.

There’s nothing better than a wooden hideaway down at the bottom of your garden. I would have two sheds: one for utility (keeping tools, bits and bobs) and another for chilling out in. I’d also love an office shed, and a studio shed, and a treehouse, and a potting shed….okay, you get the jist.

So here’s some images from Pinterest to get your shed juices going. If you want to follow our board on Pinterest, click here!

Gill 🙂

Tweet us a pic of your shed! @doodlemooseirl

Take our poll at the bottom too…we want to know about your shed. Why? Just because….

Shed inspiration pinterest

A hidden getaway at the bottom of your garden

Source: Buzzfeed.com

unique sheds

I would happily live in this little shed cottage

Source: Buzzfeed.com

fairytale sheds

Topsy-turvy shed

Source: Pinterest.com

colourful shed

Amazing colours in this shed

Source: Plantmeplaid.com

flat pack shed

Stylish pre-fabricated shed

Source: silvie.com

Children's playhouse

Playhouse? Make this my office and I’m happy..

Source: thehandmadehome.com

WEEK 6 #TGIF {Thank Gif It’s Friday}


It’s TGIF time! And this week it’s time to have a disco party with the one, the only Miguel Angel Jimenez & his now legendary warm up routine. If you don’t know Miguel he is probably the most charismatic golfer on the face of the earth. If he’s not on the links he’s sipping on a nice glass of Rioja or enjoying a fine cigar. We just can’t get enough of him here in DoodleMoose Towers!

Remember, we would love to see some other illustrated gifs, if you’re a digital artist, illustrator or creative and would like to give it a bash, we will showcase yours on our blog along with any links to your site etc! You can send them in to doodlemoosedesigns@gmail.com


We had a very busy night last night on Twitter. So much so, that we were pleased to say that our hashtag #doodlemoose was trending in Ireland by the end of the evening! Here, look – this is proof!

trends ireland, twitter ireland, twitter trend ireland, irish blogs, irish bloggers

trends ireland, twitter ireland, twitter trend ireland, irish blogs, irish bloggers

So what was this in aid of? Well, last night, CorkHour launched their brand spanking new logo that we designed for them during the week. Philip from Quick Fox Marketing put out the word that they were looking for someone to design their logo on Twitter, so we hopped on board and got stuck in! The brief for the design was very open, so we went with a bold hand-illustrated logo. Here’s a look at the resulting design:

logo design, twitter logo, cork hour logo, logo design ireland, logo design dublin, logo designer, logo design cork

Cork Hour is a tweetup for Cork businesses to socialise on a Monday night from 9-11pm. So as part of the launch, Cork Hour had us as the featured business of the night. We had supplied a competition prize for using the hashtag #doodlemoose thus making it onto the trending map in Ireland. We were chuffed!

During the evening – there was also a mini competition for users to come up with the best Limerick including the work #doodlemoose. We chose our favourite one to feature here on our blog from @DontDalai!

funny illustration, cute animals, cute illustration, chlidrens illustration, moose, deer, antlers