Well to say we’re excited would be understatement of the year!! The Ryder Cup is my single favourite moment of the year (and yes I know it’s only every two years), which makes the anticipation so much greater.

Suffice it to say we will not be moving from this spot from 7am til 8pm Sunday night!!!
Only 3 more sleeps:-)


Toad in the Hole

Oak, Smoke and Barbeque Sauce

British food is not something that I eat a whole lot of. Saying that I don’t think British food is something British people eat a lot of either. So rooted is the modern culture in the curry houses and Chinese take aways, the sushi and Mexican, the diners and Italians that there seems to be a collective loss (from both Britain and Ireland) of our culinary heritage. A loss of the food we would have eaten even just fifty years ago.

One dish that I have always wanted to try from that kind of era is Toad in the Whole. A combination of cheap sausages, a few onions and some Yorkshire pudding batter. Perfectly British. Perfectly moreish.
3 Eggs
150g Flour
100g Milk
12 Small Smoked Sausages
3 Cloves of Garlic
2 Red onions
1 Stalk of Rosemary
1 Stalk of Thyme
1 Tsp Fennel Seeds

-Prick the sausages a…

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The Weatherman is accurate today!

This illustration we did a while back, depicts this innocent looking weather man doing what he does best… But he’s not all he seems!

He’s got the weather forecast for Ireland absolutely spot on today though! #catsanddogs


Create School Design & Illustration work

logo design, logo designer, logo design dublin, logo design kildare, graphic design dublin, illustrationOver the past year or so we worked on the total re-branding of Dublin-based CreateSchool. This included logo design, brochure and flyer design, poster template design and website banners and buttons. The branding was aimed to a younger audience from young primary school goers to older teenagers. So we created a style that would appeal to this age bracket. These are some examples of the work we designed and illustrated….

illustration, branding, business, graphic design, internet radio, createschoolWeb Banner Illustration for Internet Radio Workshop

Stop motion, workshop, illustration, children's illustration, teen workshops, illustration dublin, dublin designers, graphic design dublinWeb Banner Illustration for Stop Motion Workshop

banner illustration, web design, web banner, graphic design ireland, illustration, illustrator kildare, website graphicsWeb Banner Illustration for Digital Heritage Workshop

website banner, website illustration, website design, good design, design dublin, creative ireland, illustration ireland, illustrators kildareWeb Banner Illustration for Movie Making Workshop

illustration, street, dublin, dublin illustrators, graphic design kildare, graphic design irelandFooter Illustration with buildings representing each section of the school