kildare readers festival programme of events illustration and design

We finished up on one of our favourite yearly projects last week – the Kildare Readers Festival Programme of Events! We were lucky to have designed and illustrated this brochure for the second year in a row – and we really enjoy being part of it.

This year, the cover was to depict the warming atmosphere of the festival – and to highlight the format of the conversational and welcoming nature of the festival. So, in order to illustrate this, we created an evening-time image which allowed us to add in some atmospherical lighting with the illuminated lamps.

We sent it to print last week and finally got our hands on the printed version on Friday! We’re delighted with how it turned out, as was the client. We got it printed with our printing partners over in Blessington – Punctual Print. They always manage to create fantastic final products and managed to bring our design to life in excellent quality.

Click the top image to view full brochure!



PeopleWatching_SafariMan copySometimes there’s nothing better than sitting back and watching the world go by. Do you ever find yourself coming out of the supermarket and just taking a minute to do a spot of people watching? Or maybe you’ll sit and have a cup of coffee in a shopping centre and find yourself doing the same thing. People can be very interesting sometimes, and often you come across some great characters!

So, I was doing this over the weekend in a local supermarket carpark. And I decided I would record one of the characters I spotted whilst on “people safari” (that’s the official term now). I would go so far as to say that this illustration genuinely isn’t too far off the real thing – a lovely tall man with a fantastic set of pins, strolling out with his shopping in a khaki get-up. He looked like he should really be getting into a 1980’s Land Rover Defender and setting off to go feed some lions, but alas, he was stuck in the humdrum of urbane life, laden down with his weekly shopping. I didn’t know one could get combat shorts quite so short but this fella rocked them, especially with his socks and sandals combo.