kildare readers festival programme of events illustration and design

We finished up on one of our favourite yearly projects last week – the Kildare Readers Festival Programme of Events! We were lucky to have designed and illustrated this brochure for the second year in a row – and we really enjoy being part of it.

This year, the cover was to depict the warming atmosphere of the festival – and to highlight the format of the conversational and welcoming nature of the festival. So, in order to illustrate this, we created an evening-time image which allowed us to add in some atmospherical lighting with the illuminated lamps.

We sent it to print last week and finally got our hands on the printed version on Friday! We’re delighted with how it turned out, as was the client. We got it printed with our printing partners over in Blessington – Punctual Print. They always manage to create fantastic final products and managed to bring our design to life in excellent quality.

Click the top image to view full brochure!




Hello again!

In the last instalment of “Beer with Dave” I sampled one of the greats of Irish Craft Beer, McGargles Red Ale.

Today I have travelled slightly further from home to document another seasonal classic… ‘SIERRA NEVADA SUMMERFEST‘. Like the Anchor Summer Beer I sampled a few weeks ago, todays beer is only available for a few months each year. But it’s worth the wait! It’s a cool crisp lager with the hoppiness you expect from an American style beer.

I will leave it to Sierra Nevada themselves to give the perfect description of it.

“With a nod toward the original Czech tradition, Summerfest is brewed to feature the best of Bohemian nature. Crisp, golden, dry and incredibly drinkable, Summerfest has a delicate and complex malt flavor and spicy and floral hop character—the perfect warm weather beer.”


We had a very busy night last night on Twitter. So much so, that we were pleased to say that our hashtag #doodlemoose was trending in Ireland by the end of the evening! Here, look – this is proof!

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trends ireland, twitter ireland, twitter trend ireland, irish blogs, irish bloggers

So what was this in aid of? Well, last night, CorkHour launched their brand spanking new logo that we designed for them during the week. Philip from Quick Fox Marketing put out the word that they were looking for someone to design their logo on Twitter, so we hopped on board and got stuck in! The brief for the design was very open, so we went with a bold hand-illustrated logo. Here’s a look at the resulting design:

logo design, twitter logo, cork hour logo, logo design ireland, logo design dublin, logo designer, logo design cork

Cork Hour is a tweetup for Cork businesses to socialise on a Monday night from 9-11pm. So as part of the launch, Cork Hour had us as the featured business of the night. We had supplied a competition prize for using the hashtag #doodlemoose thus making it onto the trending map in Ireland. We were chuffed!

During the evening – there was also a mini competition for users to come up with the best Limerick including the work #doodlemoose. We chose our favourite one to feature here on our blog from @DontDalai!

funny illustration, cute animals, cute illustration, chlidrens illustration, moose, deer, antlers



illustration, funny gif, gif, animation, illustrators ireland, kildare

Week 4 of our weekly TGIF challenge

Happy Friday folks! And with Friday, comes our weekly submission of  a moving illustrated gif! What do you think of this week’s entry? We had a stab at creating something similar to a cinemagraph where a minor and repeated movement occurs! We’d love to hear what you think.

Also, if you’re an illustrator, or creative of any kind, and you would like to give this a go yourself, contact us via the form below. We would love to get other contributors involved! Your work would be showcased up here on our blog as well as on all our social media sites.



It’s time for a little hump-day blogging! Theme tune for the day? Toto’s Hold the Line, to beat the mid-week blues! In honour of the mighty Toto, here’s an illustration one of us did a while back for a gift for a friend of drummer Jeff Porcaro. Oh, to be able to pull off the hair right?

drummer, music illustration, illustration kildare, illustrators kildare

Illustration of Jeff Porcaro Drummer




It’s week 3 of our new TGIF gif challenge! We’re really enjoying this challenge. We are using photoshop Animation in order to create these little mini moving gifs. Why not try it yourself and submit some to us! We’d love to see what others come up with.

This week, we tried out creating a mini-story about a little deer who has a misfortunate short antler. He attempts to do some DDIY (Deer-do-it-yourself) to try and fix it. See what happens below…….

Contact us at to submit your moving GIF and get involved!!


funny gif, cute gif, funny animal, deer, illustration, illustration kildare

Illustrated Deer Gif