So in the aftermath of this years Ryder Cup, the main headlines are still dominated by the controversy surrounding ‘that press conference’, which we illustrated in our last post. But we must not forget, that no matter how badly you feel your captain has performed, you, as players still have to go out & do it on the course. So I wanted to pay tribute to the guys who actually rose above al the pressures of being considered ‘favourites’ & got the job done.

This illustration started as a doodle I did of Jamie Donaldson while on the phone. I thought having the 13 mugshots would make a cool wall print, so if anyone has any interest in having it as a print we might make it so 🙂

Team Europe we salute you!!




It was a busy weekend for us here in DoodleMoose Towers & what better way to unwind last night than to have a glass of one of my very favourite Irish Craft Beers which is brewed only down the road in Kilcock, Co.Kildare.

McGargles range of beers really are special but my personal Favourite is Granny Mary’s Red Ale. I’m sure the lads in McGargles celebrated themselves with one or two of these after an action packed weekend at the Irish Craft Beer & Cider Festival.

“Granny Mary is the fierce matriarch of the McGargle family, and it’s said she once knocked a fly off a cows arse with half a glance. She has a temper as fiery as her malt-driven red ale, balanced by bitter hops that give it a well-rounded taste. Without saying a word she could make or break your day, especially if you question her unshaking belief that dolphins aren’t real.”

Have a try & let us know what you think!



Hi everyone. In the lead up to the Irish Craft Beer Festival in the RDS, Dublin I thought it would be worthwhile sampling & illustrating some of my favourite Irish Craft beers.

To kick it off I have been sipping on 8Âş’s Barefoot Bohemian Pilsner ! It’s bleedin’ delish!

8 Degrees is the brainchild of Kiwi & Aussie duo Cam & Scott. Who’s love of craft beers led them on the path to beery goodness!

Do check out all that they have to offer as their range of brews is extensive & delicious. You can check out their site here: www.eightdegrees.ie

Let us know what you think of this brew by ticking a box below…


This week I have mostly been drinking “Anchor Summer Beer” brought to us by the Anchor Brewing Co. This is a very refreshing American style filtered wheat beer, but I warn you, it is hoppier than Bugs Bunny on National Hopping Day!

As the name suggests it is a special brew released for the Summer months, so it is only available between April & October so snap some up quickly!

I have tried a few of the Anchor Brewing Co.’s beers but there are a whole host more out there. I’ll get there eventually! If you like this Summer Beer I would also recommend their Steam Beer.



Asparagus Benedict Illustrated Recipe


Happy Monday everyone..(is that a thing?)

Well we hope you enjoyed you’re weekend & are set for another enjoyable week. We got our week off to a particularly delicious and healthy start by dining on this weeks Monday Munchies recipe from Little Green Spoon.

This Asparagus Benedict really is a touch of indulgence without the usual guilt that accompanies a hollandaise sauce. Indy from Little Green Spoon manages to pack all the flavour into this deliciously healthy alternative.


Her recipes focus on being gluten free, dairy free, vegan, raw and paleo, but most importantly hugely flavoursome. We really enjoyed not only creating this illustration, but browsing through Little Green Spoons recipes & sampling the treasures that we found.


Check out the rest of her amazing recipes & get inspired here (We would highly recommend the “Fried” Pickles… Yum!!)



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If you’re reading this blog, and you’re a foodie or homecook and you would like to have one of your recipes illustrated by us, do get in touch at doodlemoosedesigns@gmail.com. We are always looking for collaborators for our blog, and we will link to any sites or social media sites you may have as well.




Illustrated recipe for new season kennedy's potatoesHappy Monday! We hope the start of a new week wasn’t too hard after the weekend. To help whet your appetite and to perhaps inspire you for your dinner this week, we have our third instalment of Monday Munchies!

This week, we have a simply delicious recipe that was sent to us by Brian in K&K produce for their new season potatoes and herbs. It’s a celebration of local produce and shows just how you can turn a simple spud into a heavenly treat. So if you find yourself making dinner this week, and just don’t know what to serve with that roast chicken or breaded cod….try this out! We also won’t judge you if you want to just eat these spuds by themselves….we certainly would!

While you’re here, make sure you head on over to K&K’s Facebook page here, their twitter page here and their website here!

You can find Kennedy’s New Season Potatoes in Supervalu and Centra stores nationwide!

new season potatoes supervalu




WEEK 6 #TGIF {Thank Gif It’s Friday}


It’s TGIF time! And this week it’s time to have a disco party with the one, the only Miguel Angel Jimenez & his now legendary warm up routine. If you don’t know Miguel he is probably the most charismatic golfer on the face of the earth. If he’s not on the links he’s sipping on a nice glass of Rioja or enjoying a fine cigar. We just can’t get enough of him here in DoodleMoose Towers!

Remember, we would love to see some other illustrated gifs, if you’re a digital artist, illustrator or creative and would like to give it a bash, we will showcase yours on our blog along with any links to your site etc! You can send them in to doodlemoosedesigns@gmail.com