phil mickelson and tom watson


Is there anyone else out there recovering from the Ryder Cup weekend? I know we certainly are… We relish the 3 days of nail-biting golf between Team Europe and Team America. Fresh air and social conversation were cast aside for 72 hours while the TV streamed the Ryder Cup and the atmosphere was lapped up with tea and biscuits in hand (for the most part – until the afternoon came around and the tea was replaced with some beer and wine).

There were ups and downs and ins and outs – as well as feckin’ eejits shushing the European Crowd. I’ll not name names but that Patrick Reed fella’s an awful gobsh*** isn’t he? Did anyone else want to punch their tv screens in when his head came into shot?

As for the aftermath on the American side – that press conference between Tom Watson and Phil Mickelson was something else. I don’t know whether there was a bit of a case of being a sore loser for Phil – as the rest of the team sat there awkwardly, looking at each other with a question mark over their heads, while he berated Team America’s humble captain, Tom Watson. In any case, surely that wasn’t the time or the place to lash into Tom – whether Phil was right or not. But each to their own. It made good subject matter for a quick illustration as you can see above… I’ve titled this piece “G’wan There Tom, Under the Bus You Go”.

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