Another week, another great #irishbloghour. We’re delighted to have chatted to some new bloggers as well as some regulars. We continued on with some blogging questions and topics so we’ve pulled some great tips and advice and shared them below:

Blogging Goals:

  • To post more often and consistently. This means that your followers will become familiar when you will post up on your blog, ensuring that they will come back at the expected times of the week.
  • Traffic goals. Check out your current daily traffic and try to aim to increase it by 200-500% by a particular time. If you have this goal, it will make you try that extra bit harder to work at driving traffic to your blog.
  • Make lists of topics to write about. This will ensure that when that dreaded bloggers blog takes hold, that you can go to your list and work on a topic that you had thought about before.

tips and tricks for blogging

 Traffic Tips:

  • Boosting posts on Facebook and Twitter
  • Good quality articles and content
  • Consistent posting
  • SEO and keywords
  • Writing about current events/celebrity/popular topics
  • Networking on Twitter
  • Honest is the best policy. Be yourself, write about your own opinions and experiences.
  • Reading and commenting on other blogs

how to get more traffic on your blog

We asked #irishbloghour bloggers when they post on their blogs: (how many more times can we say blogs in this blogging title about blogs?)

  • Evenings
  • Weekends

best times to post on social networks

We are looking for bloggers form #irishbloghour to guest post here on this blog. We will be looking for topics centred around blogging and your experience with it. So anything about traffic, blog design, social networking, seo, content, writing etc. With this, we will post your article up on our blog, showcase your site with a blurb and links.

Make sure to join us next Thursday from 8-9pm on @irishbloghour to network and chat other Irish bloggers!



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We’re on our holidays for two weeks – so in honour of the impending weekend, this is our weekly gif. We hope you have a lovely weekend. We’ll be keeping up to date on our Monday Munchies and TGIF’s, so call in during the week and have a gander. (that’s, call in to our blog, not to our house, because that would be weird….)

Au Revoir 🙂